•   6 months ago

Unable to submit hackathon project 7 days to deadline

My team happens to have completed our project for the Microsoft Azure AI hackathon and I have started the process for our submission. Getting to the Additional Information section of the website, the three checkboxes for terms and conditions needed to be checked before proceeding to the Submission section happens to be greyed out.

Any idea why that's so and what's the possible solution so that I could submit the team's project for the hackathon before deadline. Thanks in advance


  •   •   6 months ago

    I am experiencing the exact same problem.

  • Manager   •   6 months ago

    Well that is strange. I'll take a look and see if I can figure it out!

  • Manager   •   6 months ago


    Looks like you found a new bug, but our developers found it and fixed it quickly. You're now able to finish checking the boxes off to complete a submission. If you still run into any trouble, please let me know!


  •   •   6 months ago

    Thanks for the prompt help and response Stefanie,

    I'd sure keep you posted if any need.

    And thanks to your team also.

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