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Elevator Talk vs. Logline

Early in the documents for this contest submittal, an “Elevator Talk” is requested but is limited to only 200 characters. This is a complete misunderstanding of the term. None the less, with a minor correction this exercise can be a powerful device for selling your idea.

An elevator talk is something very specific. You get on an elevator. Your boss happens to be right next to you. He says, “Got any good ideas?” You then have two minutes to explain your hottest idea before the door opens on the boss’s floor and he is gone.

An elevator talk is about 800 words and has no graphics or written text. This is however a good thing to have ready if your boss is a jerk.

The 200 character pitch is something else altogether. It is a “Logline” and is very powerful both in design and in sales. It is well worth building early.

The term comes from old TV listings like the now archaic TV Guide. Each show was allowed one sentence to generate interest in the reader, to sell the show.

The logline is one of the first products of the early design process and is of often what sells the idea to the producer. It could not be more important.

So early in the design process, write your logline and use it to keep your efforts focused. Later get an Elevator Talk ready too just in case your boss is a jerk who understands neither design nor project management.

Enjoy, Tom Riley, Born to Storms AI


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