•   12 months ago


I have an existing Azure account that probably won't qualify for the $200 credits.
is there credits for ML models training?


  • Manager   •   12 months ago

    Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer free credits apart from $200 new account offer. One workaround is to create an account under a different email to get the $200 credits. We apologize for the inconvenience!


  •   •   11 months ago

    1. Would this be against the TOS of Azure?

    2. Regardless of your answer to #1, for a new Azure account to be approved, you'll need to supply a previously unused credit/debit card and Azure doesn't not permit use of prepaid debit cards which is a deal breaker (but AWS does BTW).

    I'd appreciate your response.

  • Manager   •   11 months ago

    There is a limit of one account with 12 months free access to products and $200 credits, therefore, our only suggestion is to create a new account with a different email address and credit card; otherwise, you would need to use your existing account and look into the 25+ other services that are always free with your existing one.

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